From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Parkerizing solution Date:Wed Jul 8 10:13:08 2015
Response to:1003
GeorgeO gave me the lowdown on Parkerizing last night. He gave me an interesting tip about annealing any springs that you parkerize before use.

Does anyone need any Parkerizing solution?

I spent some time "shopping" on the Internet. Brownells is a large reputable gunsmithing supply company. Their gallon of park. is $90 MidwayUSA I've never heard of before, but they sound OK, and their gallon is only $64

Reading the directions for each product:

Brownells - mix 114 oz of water with 14 oz of solution - that's about 8:1 - so you'd get 9 gallons total

MidwayUSA - mix 4 parts water to 1 part solution - that's 4:1 - so you'd get 5 gallons total

So who's really got the better price?

The gallon size is way more than I need. Two pints would be about right. But the gallon size is half-price. And shipping is $16 whether 1 pint, 2 pints or 1 gallon.

If anyone needs any, I'll buy the gallon, you can get whatever amount you need, and we can split the cost.

Lemme know!

So I'm tempted to buy the gallon anyway, and see if anyone else needs some. Maybe I should put this on the Exchange and see.

Then there's ShootersSolutions whose is $190. Read a bit, and you'll find the instructions are written in some bastard Asian-English. "In any case reduction of micro-boil and “flocking” and certainly exploding may be good". I'm not quite sure whether they mean "reduction of exploding may be good" or "exploding may be good".