From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:The Highlands Exchange Date:Mon Apr 13 09:52:27 2009
Hi folks,

You'll notice a new section on the Chapter Website called the Exchange - it's a bulletin-board.

You can use the Exchange to post important announcements - like "Saturday ride canceled due to rain".

When you post a message on the website, a copy of the message will be e-mailed to every member of the chapter.

You can also use the Exchange to swap and sell stuff. Like the Harley crashbars pictured below (price negotiable).

Now, you won't see the picture in the email - you'll have to go to the Exchange area of the website to see it.

This is by design - so as NOT to clog up your email with a bunch of pictures that you may not be interested in. Those of us with slow email systems will appreciate this feature.

Some people may not want to get these emails at all. That's OK, just click the "Manage My Highlands" link on the Exchange section of the website. (Your password was sent to you in the "Welcome" email earlier today).

You can either Un-subscribe (permanent). Or set the "Mail Delivery" option to "Disabled" in case you change your mind at a later date.

I hope you find this a useful feature of our Website -